Things I Like Mondays


It's been such a long time since I did one of these. But with Christmas fast approaching I thought I would put a little collection of things I love.

I'm not usually a silver wearing tee kinda girl but I saw this on an older lady the other day and it looked amazing. Walala Silver Rice Tee + Gorman 

I've had my eyes on this cute leather pouch (and I'm pretty sure it has it's eyes on me..) for a few months now. I just love cute face. Goldie Leather Zip Pouch + Donna Wilson

Body balm is a high necessity.. especially the older I get. I love this body tonic by a new Sydney based skin care called Humanite. Best part of Humanite is that they are Fairtrade. BODY TONIC 2° 0' W + Humanite

 Also another Australian based (Melbourne more specifically and also friends!) Kind Sir handcraft beautiful leather goods. I'm wishlisting a couple of leather tags for travels. Also great for wedding favours too. The Bambino Keepsake + Kind Sir

Shameful plug? Naah. My latest collaboration with Migoals. 2016 diary + Migoals x Bianca Cash

I have these and wear them probably five days of the week. They match with pretty much everything, from jeans to silk skirts. So comfortable. I would buy these twice. Super High Freya Clog + Funkis

And one more Gorman product.. (on sale too) Garden Bed Quilt + Gorman