Love Cards


Hello! Valentine's is just around the corner so I made some love notes and put them in a freebie downloadable print. 
1. Download PDF
2. Open and print*
3. Cut out
4. Use double sided sticky tape to stick these babies all over the place. Such as: next to your love's pillow, lunch box, steering wheel, inside laptop, shoes, mirror, mailbox and so on! And don't forget these can be used for anyone you love. Sisters, Mums, Dads, Brothers, Aunties, Grandies and any other favs in your heart. There's also a heart left black so you can fill it in with your own words.
* I printed these on a 250gsm matte stock but they also look great printed on a coloured stock. If you're feeling extra crafty and have no coloured card, you can use water colour paint and a large brush to paint over white card. 

Terms and conditions: please note that this free download is for personal use only. Reproduction for anything other than personal use infringes the Australian Copyright Law. So please be nice and lovely and do the right thing :)

Things I Like Mondays


It's been such a long time since I did one of these. But with Christmas fast approaching I thought I would put a little collection of things I love.

I'm not usually a silver wearing tee kinda girl but I saw this on an older lady the other day and it looked amazing. Walala Silver Rice Tee + Gorman 

I've had my eyes on this cute leather pouch (and I'm pretty sure it has it's eyes on me..) for a few months now. I just love cute face. Goldie Leather Zip Pouch + Donna Wilson

Body balm is a high necessity.. especially the older I get. I love this body tonic by a new Sydney based skin care called Humanite. Best part of Humanite is that they are Fairtrade. BODY TONIC 2° 0' W + Humanite

 Also another Australian based (Melbourne more specifically and also friends!) Kind Sir handcraft beautiful leather goods. I'm wishlisting a couple of leather tags for travels. Also great for wedding favours too. The Bambino Keepsake + Kind Sir

Shameful plug? Naah. My latest collaboration with Migoals. 2016 diary + Migoals x Bianca Cash

I have these and wear them probably five days of the week. They match with pretty much everything, from jeans to silk skirts. So comfortable. I would buy these twice. Super High Freya Clog + Funkis

And one more Gorman product.. (on sale too) Garden Bed Quilt + Gorman

You're Actually Wonderful


I'm sorry you had harsh words thrown at you in the playground and maybe in your workplace too.
I'm sorry you couldn't sleep because you were anxious. I'm sorry you were exhausted from breathlessness,
a tired mind and bruised and bleeding heart. I'm sorry you began to stutter because you were too scared
to speak. I'm sorry you were stripped of your self esteem, self worth and self value. I'm sorry you were taken advantage of and that you felt pain that you thought would kill you. I'm sorry that you wanted it to.
I'm sorry for all the times you cried alone and quietly for fear of shame. I'm sorry you felt alone.
I'm so sorry you felt you weren't worthy of love. I'm sorry the world did this to you. I'm sorry the world
told you you weren't wonderful.

It lied.